recent videos

Josh Helmich of Steven Kretchmer Design

Josh Helmich reviews the latest from designer Claudia Kretchmer of Steven Kretchmer Design.

Sonny Jain of Bavna

Colored rough cut diamond jewelry introduced at Couture by Bavna.

Philippe Poix of Autore Pearls

Philippe Poix introduces Autore’s new Rose 1920 collection, on-trend with the popularity of Art Deco and The Great Gatsby.

Myriam Gumuchian of Gumuchian

Myriam Gumuchian, designer of the company specializing in jewelry “by women for women” unveils both G-Boutique and Nutmeg collections at the JCK Show.

Morrie Knopp of Beverley K

Designer of Beverley K shows the new pieces for fall at JCK Luxury.

Designer Monica Rich Kosann

Renowned designer of jewelry, accessories, and home goods shows her latest jewelry collection at Couture.

Mitchell Feuer of Pe Jay Creations

A look at the latest from Pe Jay creations during the Luxury Show.

Mimi So of Mimi So

Designer Mimi So introduces her latest pieces at Couture.

Maren Rosen of Stuller

Stuller’s Maren Rosen introduces the firm’s latest technology for creating custom jewelry at the counter.

Lecil Henderson of The Henderson Collection

The Henderson Collection’s principal and designer talks about the latest introductions.

Landon Slane of Slane

Landon Slane, one half of the sister design duo Slane, introduces the pair’s latest pieces during the Couture Show.

Jenny Perl of Jenny Perl

Designer Jenny Perl shows her newest pieces during JCK Luxury.

Jeff Feero of Alex Sepkus

Jeff Feero, managing partner, and Alex Sepkus, designer, are both farmers as well as jewelers. Here, Feero talks about the design inspiration in organic blueberries and other plants he and the designer grow on their respective farms.

Spark Creations’ 40th Anniversary Party

Beny and Eli Aviram celebrate their company’s 40th anniversary at the top of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Jeff Post of Gem Platinum

Jeff Post, aka Jeffrey Daniels, designer at Gem Platinum, gives a tour of new pieces during the JCK Show.

Jackie Cohen of Timeless Designs

The designer behind Timeless Designs introduces the firm’s latest pieces in Las Vegas.

The Latest From GN Diamond in Las Vegas

GN Diamond’s Asaf Herskovitz narrates a look at the firm’s latest offerings at the JCK Show.

Gerwin Platz of Coge Design Group

The latest in rose gold and black diamonds from Coge Design Group and the introduction of Tirisi Moda, a new Italian fashion line featuring precious metals and gems with luxury leathers.

Erica Courtney at Couture

Designer to the stars Erica Courtney introduces her latest pieces at the Couture Show.