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Exclusive! Video Tour Of The Newly Expanded Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, DC

A walking tour during the grand opening celebration of Tiny Jewel Box’s new expansion, narrated by chairman Jim Rosenheim.


Video: Teresa Andres, Brumani

What’s on offer from renowned Brazilian colored gemstone jewelry brand.


Video: Jodi Goldsmith of Gumuchian

A tour of the new collections of Gumuchian, the brand designed by women for women.


Video: Pratima Sethi of Sethi Couture

Pratima Sethi introduces Sethi Couture’s Heritage collection, inspired by her family’s history in India.


Video: Rayaz Takat of Takat

Namesake designer of luxury diamond and gemstone collection shows new pieces in Las Vegas.


Video Interview: Ron Rizzo of Pleve

Principal designer of Pleve discusses his new creations and inspirations.


Video: Tomer Regev of Carelle

Tomer Regev offers a tour of the latest pieces from Carelle.


Video: Uzi Levami, Executive Director and CEO of Sarine Technologies

CEO of Sarine Technologies discusses ways its high-tech equipment can help retailers sell more luxury diamonds.


Exclusive Video Interview: Loyd and Laura Stanley On The Esperanza Diamond Cutting Event

Stanley Jewelers Gemologists of North Little Rock, AR, hosted a week-long special event to cut the Esperanza diamond—found at Arkansas’ Crater Of Diamonds State Park—in the store. Cutters Mike and Evert Botha of Embee Diamonds in Canada came with their special cutting bench (named Brutus) and set up shop for a week. Both Loyd and daughter Laura Stanley were amazed at the publicity it generated.


Video: New Pieces From Suna Bros.

A video tour of the latest gem creations from Suna Bros., narrated by Danielle Barber.


Video: Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection At Couture

Karlee Edmonds gives a video tour of Ivanka Trump’s latest pieces for fall.


Video: Kirk Kara’s 125th Anniversary Celebration

Interview in Las Vegas with third-generation Kirk and fourth-generation Angela Karaguezian of Kirk Kara, which celebrates its 125th anniversary in business this year.


Video: Efva Attling

Efva Attling, the renowned Swedish jewelry, accessories, and eyewear designer, is part of the ViewPoint Showroom group. She shows her latest pieces during the Couture Show in Las Vegas.


Video: Karla Antunes, Vianna Brasil

Karla Antunes, marketing and creative director of colored gem jewelry brand Vianna Brasil introduces the newest pieces in Las Vegas


Video: Kara Ross At Couture

Luxury jewelry and accessories designer debuts a new line of whimsical handbags inspired by her jewelry designs.


Video: Jeff Feero of Alex Sepkus

An overview of the designer’s new Faces collection and other introductions for fall 2015.


Video: Ilaria Lanzoni, Hearts On Fire Designer

Hearts On Fire designer discusses the brand’s new introductions for fall 2015.


Video: Federica Chimento of Chimento, At Couture

Scion of luxury Italian gold jewelry brand offers a tour of her company’s latest collections during the Couture Show.


David Mor At JCK Las Vegas 2015

Brandon and Chloe Benilevi of David Mor review the brand’s luxury natural color diamond jewelry set in platinum.

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