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Jewelers Benefit from Catalogs and Fliers Featuring Their In-Stock Best Sellers September 09, 2020 (0 comments)


Miami, FL—Many jewelers have found that in addition to designer/manufacturer and syndicated catalogs and fliers and digital promotions that a catalog or flier with their own existing best-selling merchandise also produces for them.

Porte Marketing is offering a variety of both physical and digital private catalog options for jewelers to feature their own existing best-selling merchandise. Porte says that stores that have done so have reported greater sales and better gross profit.

New this year from Porte Marketing is a customized eight-panel self-mailer with a perforated coupon that allows retailers to choose the jewelry and brands they want to feature:


Click here or on the image below to view a digital catalog Porte Marketing created for Hawaii-based Hildgund:

Here's the top mailer, customized and used by California-based Padis Jewelry:


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