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Burglars Rob Luxury Jeweler Through Roof And Wall October 06, 2021 (0 comments)


Hartsdale, NY—Burglars broke through a wall to rob an upscale jewelry and watch store in the wee hours of Monday, October 4. Police in Greenburgh, NY, in Westchester County, said robbers broke into Tarrytown Jewelers through an adjacent nail salon. After cutting through the salon roof, the suspects lowered themselves in and cut several openings in the wall separating the salon from the jewelry store. Both the salon and the jeweler sustained substantial damage to their structures.

The jeweler specializes in pre-owned luxury watches, as well as diamonds and estate jewelry. At press time, there was no information as to the amount of merchandise stolen. 

Anyone with information regarding the burglary has been asked to contact Greenburgh Police Department detectives at (914) 989-1725.

The Jewelers Security Alliance recommends jewelers never leave any merchandise—even low-end goods—in showcases overnight. Leaving inexpensive merchandise in showcases encourages break-ins, and the resulting cost of damage to the store and showcases can be more costly than the loss of the low-end merchandise. If all merchandise will not fit in the safe, lock inexpensive merchandise away and out of sight, says JSA. 

JSA also recommends jewelers don't cover showcases with cloth or other material. It is safer for potential burglars to see empty, exposed showcases rather than covered showcases.

Burglars will often remove camera surveillance equipment when leaving the store. Jewelers are advised to have surveillance images also sent and stored in the cloud or to a remote location in addition to the images saved at the store.

Click here for more security tips to avoid roof and wall break-ins, and visit JSA’s website for more information on crime against jewelers or to post your own crime information.

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