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Tri-Cities Plagued by Recurrence of Gold Jewelry Fraud June 29, 2023 (0 comments)


Tri-Cities, WA--Authorities, including Kennewick Police, are sounding the alarm over the reemergence of an old scam in the Tri-Cities area. It starts with unsuspecting individuals being accosted in public spaces, like grocery store parking lots, by fraudsters peddling seemingly high-value gold jewelry under the guise of the urgent need for cash.

[Photo by Tara Winstead]

According to a News Talk 870 KFLD report, marked with '18K' or carat insignias, the offered items can be convincingly realistic. However, they are revealed as counterfeits when deceived purchasers attempt to sell them at local jewelry shops. Per the report, Kennewick Police stated that at least ten such incidents have occurred lately, resulting in significant financial losses for the victims.

The report noted that individuals tricked by this scam typically pay $100 to $500 out of pocket. Police warn the public to be wary of dubious or excessively profitable deals, which may indicate fraudulent activity.

Citizens are strongly urged to relay any information, including the scammer's description and location, to the local police or appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Learn more in the entire report on News Talk 870 KFLD.

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