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Experienced Diamond Worker Seeking Employment In NYC Diamond Industry January 08, 2011

Sirs or Madams,

Do you need a SUPER HONEST employee who had previous experience turning on and off the alarm systems and opening/closing the safes while being trusted with handling of diamonds?

Do you need an employee with 24 years of extremely rich experience in the diamond and jewelry wholesale industry without making mistakes?

Do you need an employee who does everything in the diamond office short of diamond cutting, polishing, and setting?

Do you need a wonderful diamond/jewelry salesman specializing in selling GIA/AGS/IGI certified and non certified diamonds from 0.01 to 5 ct at D-J IF-I1 and all kinds of jewelry items in the same range of color and clarity and this salesman is CONSIDERED most trustworthy by all retailers across America and Canada??

Do you need an employee with tons of superb recommendation full of praise from previous employers and current retail customers?

If you need someone whose energy is unlimited, enthusiasm unequaled, and attention to detail unparalleled , then please contact me and I will be more than happy to discuss with you about how my outstanding 24 year employment track with three companies is clear evidence that I am highly capable to meet the high standards that your diamond/jewelry corporation is striving to achieve. My honesty is unparalleled and not to be questioned as I was in charge of opening and closing safes as well as setting on and turn off the alarm systems for a diamond company. I know I can help the accounting and sales departments of loose and mounted jewelry divisions of your company become as efficient as it aspires to be.

Please contact me via private e-mail: for any questions about my employment history.

I apologize for not enclosing my full name, employment, and background details or my resume on this website because I believe in computer security and I do not wish to release such details to public on this internet portal.



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