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SYLVIE hiring Representative for the West Coast Region August 17, 2021


Dallas, TX—Sylvie Collection, a three-time national award-winning bridal jewelry brand, is currently seeking an experienced, independent sales representative for the West Coast region.

At Sylvie, we are emphatically focused on our exceptional service, industry-leading quality and story behind our nationally recognized brand, and we have consistently seen this focus lead to growth.

We are seeking an experienced Sales Representative to help service and grow the significant momentum being seen with the brand across the West Coast. This individual will be responsible for building strong relationships with existing and prospective retail partners in the territory to provide a strong customer experience and direct, personal engagement with our bridal jewelry brand. The Sales Manager will collaborate closely with the marketing, business development and customer service teams to manage daily order flow, new order generation and joint Sylvie-Retailer advertising efforts.

Key responsibilities:
• Lead and manage on-the-ground sales activity at key retail partners in states within territory
• Engage in ongoing prospecting and opportunity identification across the territory
• Service client stock order processing, replenishment and special custom orders for all of West Coast
• Monitor all sales activity at retail partners to ensure correct merchandise amount and assortment replenishment
Preferred qualifications and skills:
• Effective communication with existing and prospective retail partners, internal office personnel and fellow industry members
• Proven track record of reaching and exceeding sales goals
• Ability to multitask and perform well in a highly dynamic, digital environment
• Excellent written / oral communication skills
• Excellent organizational skills
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office suit
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