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26 Ways to Leverage Content In Your Customer Acquisition Strategy January 12, 2018 (0 comments)

256jhjj56.jpg We’re all on the same page that producing content for marketing purposes is important. But are you generating content for content’s sake? Or are you actually using your content to attract customers and close sales? The key to getting the highest possible ROI from content marketingcomes from deploying it appropriately across all of your customer acquisition channels. Below, I’ve covered 26 ways to use content effectively to attract and close customers. There’s some overlap between channels (and I’ve left content marketing off as a channel, since acquiring customers through content is the whole point), so pick and choose the tactics that make the most sense for your business.

26 Ways to Use Content Marketing in Your Customer Acquisition Strategy


1) Publish new content regularly to engage visitors and improve the “freshness” (an SEO ranking factor) of your site. 2) Update old content on your site for improved search performance, in addition to creating the perception among prospects that your site’s data is current and accurate.

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Article written by Sujan Patel, pulled from the Hubspot blog.

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