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4 Facebook Page Tools Jewelers Should Be Taking Advantage Of August 27, 2019 (0 comments)

Lisa Nik ring Your jewelry business’ Facebook Page is a key part of your digital marketing strategy. Not only does being on the platform allow you to attract a new audience, it gives you another medium to quickly inform current customers of events, products, and deals that they otherwise wouldn’t know about unless they recently visited your store. The list of features and tools Facebook has can seem so endless that you may not be taking full advantage of them. Utilizing the tools listed below can elevate your digital marketing to new levels, giving you a priceless advantage over competitors.  Messenger Over 1.3 billion users are on Facebook Messenger, an app that allows people to message family, friends, and, most importantly, your business. Your customers may one day be perusing your Facebook Page and have a question about a product or upcoming sale. Every step you make your customer complete to get in touch with you increases the chances that they won’t. Enabling Messenger on your Facebook Page means that your customer can speak to you with just the click of a button. Ads Manager Putting money behind your ads can expose your store to new people. With Ads Manager, you can target your ads to an audience that meets specific demographics like age, gender, location, and interests. Your ad creative should include a button with a call-to-action such as visiting a landing page on your website, liking your Facebook Page, etc. Because Facebook tracks how many people perform the call-to-action you have an easy way of knowing how well your ad is doing and can make changes. If you choose to work with a marketing agency, it is essential that they know how to optimize ads to get the most bang for your buck. Page Notifications Customers can leave reviews and comments on your Facebook Page. Being able to respond to them as quickly as possible, particularly if you need to resolve a customer service issue or answer questions, is key. The more you interact with Page visitors, the more they’ll want to engage with your content. Without Page notifications, you can miss important updates and potentially lose leads. Your customers are your brand ambassadors and having a spotless online reputation is another selling point for your business. Creator Studio In Creator Studio, you can manage posts for your Page within the content library, view insights on how your posts are performing, respond to messages and comments, and more. By only having the tools that are the most relevant to you available, Creator Studio helps you fully reap the benefits of having a Page for your business and makes navigation for Page administrators less overwhelming.  Your Facebook Page is your digital business card. By not taking advantage of features like Messenger, Ads Manager, Page Notifications, and the Creator Studio, you could be missing out on generating more business. Explore what Facebook has to offer or work with an accredited agency that can help take the guesswork out of your social media strategy.

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