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4 Marketing Insights From 2018 You Should Use in 2019 January 25, 2019 (0 comments)

1-2.jpg As consumer expectations change, companies are challenged with finding marketing tactics that seamlessly meet customer’s needs. In 2018, we saw four new marketing trends that enhanced the customer experience—helping local jewelers continue to own their backyard.

1. Clicks to Bricks is the future

Online retailers like Amazon successfully opened several brick and mortar locations in 2018, proving that a strategy of using your digital presence to drive in-store traffic and sales, otherwise known as “clicks to bricks,” is an important marketing trend. Companies like Amazon that started as an e-commerce platform and are moving into physical locations are different from jewelers who know how to manage their physical stores but are relatively new to the world of digital. However, the lesson here for jewelers is that while having a digital presence can help you sell products online, there is a huge opportunity to increase offline sales.

2. “Near me” and mobile searches continue to grow

Consumers are continuing to leverage the power of Google search to find answers to their more detailed search queries. In the past two years, there’s been a 500% growth in “near me” mobile searches that contain phrases like “can I buy” or “to buy.” In addition to location based searches like “jewelry store near me” people are also looking for specific items through search such as “diamonds near me” or “where to buy engagement rings.” Jewelers should search for these terms on Google and see where their store falls in the search results. Search engine optimization can help you rank higher in search and become the number one jeweler on the block.

3. Approach customers at the right place and time

With the amount of information that consumers are being inundated by it’s no surprise that 86% of shoppers say they want retailers to approach them at the right place and time. That means that targeting shoppers who have just searched “where to buy engagement rings” is a major opportunity for jewelers to allocate their ad spend towards people who are actively looking to learn more about a product.

4. In-store experiences are even more important

A huge point of differentiation between you and the competition that shoppers are paying more attention to is their in-store experiences. Millennials especially are interested in having a unique shopping experience. Let your customers play with fake versions of the jewelry or offer your customers a chance to attend an event that will make their purchasing decision even easier. 2018 bore witness to a myriad of marketing trends that jewelers can use to their advantage. From clicks to bricks and Google search to doing the thinking for your customers, the jewelry industry continues to evolve as customers’ expectations change.

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