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Dos and Dont’s For Successful Facebook Events - For Jewelers August 06, 2018 (0 comments)

This article is another in a series of Do and Don’t tips from Smart Age Solutions created to inform jewelers about the best practices within the digital space.   Have a sale that you want your customers to know about? Maybe you’re holding a seasonal event? Facebook events are an excellent way to connect with your customers and bring them into your stores. Here are a couple of best practices to be mindful of when running a Facebook Event:

Do - Have a Solid Base of Engaged Users

If you want to get great results and have a successful campaign, you need to lay the groundwork for that success. Before running a event, make sure you have been building a community that engages with your brand. How many likes does your Facebook Page have? How much engagement are you getting each time you post? Consider these questions when planning a Facebook Event. In order to create a community around your brand, make sure you are posting regularly. In the digital space, if you capture your audience’s attention with relevant messages, your competitors will. The best way to make sure you’re constantly on their minds is to create a schedule of regular posts each month. You also want to make sure you boost these posts to ensure you’re reaching a wide audience of interested people.

Don’t - Forget to Promote Your Facebook Event

There are many jewelers out there who create a Facebook Event and leave it at that. Unfortunately, this is problematic because you’re relying solely on your organic reach to drive results. Even the company with the largest organic reach would, on average, receive poorer results with an unboosted event than a boosted one. If you promote your post, Facebook will show your event to a much larger audience interested in whatever it is you’re offering. You’ll also be able to gather data about the cost of getting people into your store for future events you want to run. This is invaluable for planning purposes because you can compare the cost of driving people to your store with the total revenue made by doing so.

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