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E-Commerce For The Sake Of Foot Traffic December 02, 2018 (0 comments)

Lisa Nik ring Your goal is to sell more jewelry. Does it matter if it’s from online sales or foot traffic to your store? Nope. Plus, preparing your website to be an e-commerce machine is going to have lasting effects on your store’s foot traffic, too. There are a plethora of website configuration options, fancy tools, and impressive platforms that you can build your website on. However, the reason we do this is not just to sell online. Yes, that’s a main goal for many jewelers. But some people are never going to buy jewelry online, and selling items over the $500 price point is rare . But all the tools and impressive functionality you add to your site will also help increase store foot traffic and walk-ins because your website will be impressive. There is real reason to add advanced e-commerce tools, ring builders, and other cool functionality to your website even just for the purpose of increasing overall walk-in traffic. You see, the absolute goal with your website is to instill brand authority and show your visitor that you’re the business they should be spending their money with. And this concept transcends the online sales vs offline sales argument. Regardless what your goal is, your website needs to be impressive enough to convince someone to spend their money with you. Many jewelers have expressed to me that they don’t need nice websites because they’re not trying to sell online. But that’s not the only reason at all for having a highly functional website. Great tools and advanced functionality are impressive. They show your website visitor that you’ve got your act together and that you’re prepared to answer their questions and solve their problems. As a consumer, I would never - in a million years - shop with a company that has an empty website. So whether you fill your site with incredible content or choose to use advanced web tools to engage your visitors, it’s all relevant and important - regardless if you’re trying to sell online or increase foot traffic. 

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