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Facebook Retargeting: Reaching Visitors With Intent June 13, 2019 (0 comments)

1-5.png Facebook retargeting is one of the most effective ways to increase sales.  In this article, we'll learn how to retarget to people with higher buying intent. Facebook retargeting is one of the most effective ways to increase sales. However, there are a couple of advanced retargeting strategies that will make it even better. Assuming your Facebook Pixel is installed on your website, you’re able to serve Facebook Ads to people who have visited your website. This is a basic type of retargeting you can implement with little technical know-how. To do this, you would create a Custom Audience in your Business Manager dashboard. You would select Website Traffic when creating your ad: On the next screen, you'll be asked to choose the criteria that visitors need to meet to be added to this custom audience you're creating. Below it shows that anyone who has visited my website within the past 30 days will be added to this group. However, Just because someone came to your website, does not mean you should remarket to them. The “standard” website conversion rate is around 1.5%. That means 98.5% of people are NOT ready to buy what you’re selling. Simply running ads to get them back to your site is a waste of your time and resources. However, Facebook allows you to segment your remarketing list with URL and duration combinations. This means we don’t have to remarket to everyone who visits our site - we can instead only remarket to people that have spent considerable time on our website or visited specific pages. Strategy 1: Remarket to non-converters of key landing pages. Segmentation like this cuts your remarketing list into small pieces of people who have demonstrated intent. Strategy 2: Remarket to people who have spent considerable time or viewed high page numbers on our site. Segmentation like this makes sure we’re remarketing to the most-interested and engaged visitors. Luckily, running these types of remarketing campaigns are extremely simple to implement. From the same previous screen, click the drop down to choose the type of Website traffic you'll be targeting. You can then select People Who Visit Specific Web Pages or Visitors By Time Spent. People Who Visit Specific Web Pages: enter the URL of the pages that matter to you. Visitors By Time Spent: You can choose the top 5%, 10%, or 25% of busiest website visitors in the past X days. Targeting either of these two groups with retargeting ads will make sure your ad dollars are being used to reach likely customers.

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