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Fundamentals Of Growing Your Email List May 22, 2019 (0 comments)

1-13.jpg One of the fundamentals of digital marketing - for any industry - is the collection of email addresses. Email addresses enable us to target people with intelligent ads on social media. Of course, it also enables us to email them with newsletters and other marketing materials. However, for an email newsletter to be successful, you really need a lot of email addresses of potential customers! In this guide, I'll cover a few key principles of collecting email addresses to grow your marketing list. Use Lures A "lure" is anything you can offer visitors to convince them to give you their email address. In the most basic form, this is offering your newsletter subscribers occasional coupons. I'm sure you or your significant other get plenty of emails from stores like Bed Bath And Beyond, etc. The primary reason for people subscribing to these emails is because they get something in return for being a member. Often it's a coupon. Often it's an article that gets them excited. But if you're not giving some kind of immediate gratification to your readers every time you send them an email, they're probably going to unsubscribe. That's why in our newsletter we try to include 3-4 articles each week. We don't sell physical products, so we don't have coupons or discounts to offer. So instead, our immediate gratification is our articles. We always make sure to feature a few articles in each newsletter. If we only posted one article a week, there is a much higher chance that our readers would not find an article that interested them in the email and may unsubscribe. So we make sure to usually feature a handful of different articles to make sure our readers always get something useful and meaningful out of the newsletter. OptIn Monster has a really fantastic article with 70+ tactics you can use to grow your list. Read it here. It's definitely one of the better guides I've seen, with real actionable steps you can take.

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