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How David Harvey Used Cyber Monday To Boost Holiday Sales February 07, 2018 (0 comments)

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Norwalk, CT—While Cyber Monday has become a mainstay for most larger retailers (as well as shoppers), the same cannot be said for the jewelry industry as a whole. During 2016 fourth quarter however, some jewelers jumped ahead of the pack and offered Cyber Monday promotions. Below we delve into one in-house promotion that brought good results to David Harvey Jewelers. Jeweler Jeffrey Roseman, David Harvey Jewelers, has two locations in Connecticut and one on the web at To make Cyber Monday work in his store, the following email announcement was sent out to his customers as well as to lists of customers he purchased. The system highlighted the company’s wishlist system. The premise was simple – get customers in the door to make purchases originating on Cyber Monday and on the website. Here’s what the email told customers: “Enjoy An Even Happier Holiday With Your Cyber Monday 15% Discount On All Items On Our Website. On Monday, simply click on the link bar below, create an account (at the top right of our home page), then peruse our site and add any product you'd like to your wish list. Then come into our Darien or Norwalk store anytime through the month of December to make your discounted purchase on those items. Note: Monday, November 28th is the only day you can add items to your wishlist to qualify for this special discount. But again, you can use your 15% discount on your wishlist items through the month of December.” “This promotion was attention getting. It told customers, ‘We are a company with an offering. A substantial offering,’” said Roseman. So, what did his customers think of his wishlist sale? “The traffic on that Saturday that led into Monday was tremendous,” said Roseman. “We offered a limited time offering to customers in a specific geographic area and offered them a discount on items on their wishlist. And of course, a call-to-action to come into the store.” Roseman put to good use all the data that the company had been collecting for a calendar year on the wishlists. From those wishlists, even before the Cyber Monday promotion, a good amount of data had been collected on what categories and specific items that his customers liked and were considering purchasing. Roseman said the website showed a nice uptick in activity. “We saw a spike online, we tracked the activity – what pages were viewed, how long a customer stayed on a page, as well as looking at click-throughs.” Plans for 2017 include upgrading the David Harvey Jewelers website to be e-commerce enabled. Roseman is partnering with Thinkspace on the platform. All in all, he considers the campaign was a success and a nice lead-to the Holiday season. “We had a late Christmas,” said Roseman. “This promotion created traffic and interest as a barometer for the season. In the future, it will give us some ability to forecast the Christmas season. We strive to go well beyond the mindset that people will come. To make that work, you must have a call to action.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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