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How Jewelry Brands Can Cope with Email Fatigue May 15, 2019 (0 comments)

1-2.jpg Search Google for “email marketing effectiveness”, and you’ll find many articles touting the benefits of email marketing - email is more personalized than other forms of inbound marketing, it generates revenue, and customers are more likely to pay attention to their emails rather than Instagram or Facebook. Be honest: how many marketing emails do you actually open every day? You may be subscribed to email marketing from your favorite clothing brands, entertainment venues, or local publications. But are you actually reading them? Or are you simply deleting them because you’re too lazy to click “Unsubscribe”? That’s how most customers feel about emails from your jewelry brand (if you’re even sending emails, of course). However, all hope is not lost. Email marketing can still be effective. In fact, according to this recent article from Digital Commerce 360, one jewelry brand named Moriarty’s Gem Art uses marketing emails to drive about 15% of their online sales. Not too shabby! To succeed with email, you simply need to know how to cope with email fatigue and acknowledge that it exists. Stop pretending that your customers are waiting with bated breath to hear from you and understand that most people don’t have time to read your emails. Once you come to terms with this reality, then you can take steps to create and send emails that at least some customers may actually want to open. Even better, a few will feel inspired to take action!

Use Data to Email Wisely

Today’s major retailers send marketing emails at least once a week, if not twice a week. Sometimes, they send a daily email! You’re not a major retailer, and you shouldn’t be sending emails like one. You can still send emails that advertise your promotions for holidays, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. But before you send more than one email for any given promotion, you may want to work with an email marketing specialist, who can help you segment your lists and better understand who should receive a follow-up and should be left alone. Using the example of Moriarty’s Gem Art, “the retailer is trying to be strategic about its email sends. For example, if a shopper opened one of its emails on Black Friday, it did not send another email to her Saturday or Sunday.” Today’s email marketing technologies are advanced, and you can leverage data to help you guess whether or not a customer may want to hear from you again anytime soon. Take advantage of those technologies and email wisely (and sometimes more sparingly).

Segment Lists Based on Purchase Behavior

If you were trying to sell a piece of jewelry to a shopper in a brick-and-mortar store, you’d approach a repeat customer differently than you would a person who’s visited your store before but didn’t buy anything. The same applies to email marketing. The messages you send to loyal customers should differ from the messages you send to people who have simply signed up for your email marketing list. For example, someone who’s purchased a diamond necklace may enjoy an email highlighting some of your newest diamond arrivals - so she may feel inspired to buy a complementary diamond bracelet or ring. In contrast, someone who’s never made a purchase might like to receive a coupon code and more information about what sets you apart from your competitors. Moriarty’s Gem Art reported that segmented emails have on average a 20% open rate, while site-wide email open rates are much lower, around a 10% open rate. Again, an email marketing specialist can help you set up segments and better understand how to tailor your communications to each segment. Consumers are tired. Their inboxes are overflowing. They probably don’t want to receive another email from you. But if you approach email marketing wisely, you may be able to reach a select few at the right time, when they’re itching to buy something and feeling inspired by a message you send.

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