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How to Use Social Ads to Promote Your Online Jewelry Store August 17, 2018 (0 comments)

Lisa Nik new piece Many retailers are aware of the tools they should use in order to promote their products, in this case, jewelry. Yet, not many retailers dedicate the time necessary to learn the appropriate tools or experience results. This means that if you decide to truly invest time and energy in the creation and maintenance of your social media ads, you are already way ahead of your competitors.   In this article, we are going to go over three different social media platforms through which you can do paid advertising: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will focus more on Facebook and Instagram since they are the more image-driven, and given the visual appeal of jewelry, images are a very important part of your advertising game. We have a long way to go, so let’s get started! 1.Facebook Ads Facebook is still the most visited social media network in the world and it is your duty to use that to your advantage. See what I did there? Let’s go over the creation of your first ad on Facebook. Use the following guidelines:
  1. Instagram Ads
The key difference between Instagram and others social media platforms are pictures. Behind every Instagram photo –or at least behind the photos posted by users who actually care about aesthetics– there was a creative process and, possibly, hundreds of other almost identical photos. This means that the one that made it to your feed was carefully selected and probably even edited with more than the Instagram filters you already know about. Follow these guidelines when creating your Instagram ads: Reflect your brand’s personality. Incorporate your brand’s logo or just the color and create an aesthetic that your audience will be able to identify with your brand. A jewelry brand that has mastered this brand aesthetic identification is Tiffany & Co (@tiffanyandco) with its signature turquoise color. Try to make your brand as easy to recognize as Tiffany! Be selective and do not use hashtags that have been included in more than a million posts. You should aim for those that revolve around 10k and 100k number of posts so that your ad is more likely to be found by a user that is just happening to be searching for one of the hashtags you included in the caption of your image.
  1. Twitter Ads
Twitter advertising may not offer the same powerful tools Facebook offers, however, you can still create a powerful paid campaign through this platform and I will show you how. Since you are running an online jewelry store, you are probably more interested in website clicks than on followers. In order to achieve this goal, Twitter incorporated a Website Card. Apart from only including the link, this feature shows a preview photo and additional information about your site, accompanied by a call to action button, driving relevant traffic to it. Twitter provides similar target option to the ones offer by Facebook- see below: You can also define a target audience by selecting specific keywords they use, geography, age, gender, and even the device from which they access Twitter. Once you have finished with the targeting options, select the tweet you want to promote and view the results! I hope you found this information on social media campaigns useful for your online store. You can start with one social media platform and see how it goes. Remember, if an ad campaign does not go the way you planned, do not feel frustrated. You can always stop the campaign and start a new one. Little by little you will realize what it is about your brand that drives more people in. Good luck and let me know how it all goes in the comments! 

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