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Ignore Google’s Recommendations |  February 25, 2024 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY -- If you have a google ads account and a phone, I bet that phone rings all day from Google trying to get you to “update information”. Some of these callers are pure scams. But, you will often get a real google rep that calls you to “help” with your google ads.

Make no mistake about it - Google is calling you to convince you that you need to spend more money on your ads. 

After hundreds of calls with Google reps, the truth is that Google ALWAYS starts out the initial call with a recommendation to raise your budget.

It doesn’t matter if my client has a $5/day budget or a $40/day budget. Google will tell you that your ads aren’t performing because you’re not spending enough money.

Additionally, Google will often make ad recommendations - for example, telling you to broaden your keywords and ad match types. Google does this because it gets you to blow through your ad budget quicker, even though it means you’re probably targeting less-than-optimal people. 

The morale is to take everything Google says with a grain of salt. Next time your Google rep calls you and tells you to raise your budget, just say no. Ask for an alternative way to “improve your ads” rather than just spending more money.


About The Author:

Mike Hauben is the Creative Director and Marketing Director for the Centurion Jewelry Show. He has over fifteen years experience and holds a number of digital certifications (Google, Yoast, Hubspot, and more). Mike has gained recognition among the jewelry industry in recent years as a popular keynote speaker, author, and trusted expert. He’s spoke at conferences like Centurion and JCK at the Javits Center.

He’s received an Award Of Excellence from MMA Business Magazine and is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He lives with his family in Atlantic Beach, NY.

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