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Marrying Your Sales Team & Marketing Team Together With Online Strategies December 12, 2018 (0 comments)

1-2.jpg Years ago, if you wanted to find information on a specific product, you would search out an expert to help educate you. In your case, this likely means people coming into your jewelry store with very little knowledge on their purchase, and relying on you - the expert - to help with their ring purchase. However, things have drastically changed. With the increase of available information online, the buying process is now 75% complete before anybody walks into a store or speaks to a sales rep. Your customers now come into your store more prepared than ever before. They’re familiar with the brands they like. They do an enormous amount of research before approaching you. In reality, your marketing team is way more responsible for sales than the sales team is. Seriously. Many jewelers are struggling with this concept, and it’s time to break the sheet of ice. If you do not use your website as a tool to attract and inform your audience about the purchases they’re probably going to inquire about in your store, they probably won’t ever even come into your store to inquire about them. This is why your marketing team and sales team must be completely aligned. In today’s marketplace, your marketing team can no longer be thought of as a separate division of your sales team. In fact, your marketing team must be specifically redesigned to empower your sales team. This has always been the case. Telling you to make your marketing team help your sales team is a pretty obvious statement. However, the way to do it has changed. This is why your website is so incredibly important. Independent of your e-commerce goals, you need to ensure that your website is populated with lots of compelling, educating content. Without it, your customers will immediately distrust you and your reliability because they’ve grown to expect businesses supplying this information on websites they visit.

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