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Prepare for the Holiday Season: Cultivate your Best Clients October 16, 2019 (0 comments)

111.jpg A client of mine recently bought a beautiful antique sapphire ring that she had recut at the lapidary. The GIA appraisal of the updated ring was $86,000. The sale of this one ring would ensure my client an excellent holiday season! But to guarantee this success, she needed to cultivate the clients that she thought would be interested in this ring. Cultivating your important clients pays off at the holidays. Here’s how you can start prioritizing your big clients for easier sales:
  1. Get started this week. Take an hour to review your paper and digital records, including those old ledgers and notebooks. Recall your memorable sales—last holiday season, five years ago, ten years ago. Who were your big spenders?
  2. Keep a list of your best clients. On paper or using a digital spreadsheet, make a list of these clients—their names and contact information: email, phone, text, address (depending on the best way to reach them). Aim for at least 10 names and prepare to add more.
  1. Personalize the list. Make notes for each client that will allow you to easily reference specific information about them, their taste, and their purchases.
  1. Make a plan to re-engage. For each client, decide how you will re-engage with them BEFORE the holiday season. Will you reach out to find out how the piece of jewelry they bought for themselves or someone else was received? Will you invite them in for a jewelry cleaning? Will you send a friendly communication to show you remember who they are and what they like? Take action NOW before your clients get inundated with emails about holiday sales.
  1. Cultivate your clients year-round. For maximum benefit, cultivating your best clients should be a year-round effort. This will also alleviate the holiday-season push. Imagine, for example, helping your client purchase a holiday gift in November, even October?
  So set your New Year’s resolution now: Be strategic and make more money. Take the time to identify, re-engage, and keep in contact with your best clients. Want the exact script I use? Visit me at and in the live chat window, request the script and I will send it your way.  Here is to $86,000 sales and a great holiday season. 

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