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Quick Reference: Nuts & Bolts Of YouTube Advertising December 06, 2018 (0 comments)

BENJAMIN STORY 3 A reader recently requested some help with understanding the nuts and bolts of Youtube advertising. So I’ve put together a couple great resources as a quick-reference guide. Essentially, there are many ways to leverage Youtube, but it starts with understanding whether you want to make your own videos or not. The first is by recording a video (essentially a commercial) and using that video as the actual advertisement. This video can appear in a variety of places on youtube, such as right before the visitor’s real video result appears, or along the right side of Youtube as a suggested video. If you’d like to make your own videos and display it across Youtube, there are a ton of ad options. Hubspot has an incredibly in-depth tutorial here: If you're not the type of make their own video but still want to reach the powerful Youtube audience, you have options. The two most common ways to do this are through Display ads and Overlay ads. Display ads are standard “graphic” ads that appear near the video on Youtube. Overlay ads are actual advertisements that appear at the bottom of someone’s video. Hootsuite has a fantastic in-depth tutorial of all these methods at: Here’s a handy graphic from Youtube showing their available ads: Hopefully these resources help you formulate a strong Youtube strategy. Thanks for reading!

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