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Should Jewelers Hire A Digital Agency? June 19, 2019 (0 comments)

1-6-1.jpg There are a number of fantastic digital agencies that specialize in the jewelry industry. Should you hire one of them? Probably. I think that on a basic level, most jewelers can probably handle some of their digital needs themselves. However, that's just the problem - basic is no longer enough. The market is much different than it used to be. Every competitive edge is becoming more and more important. Plus, having a team behind you that actually knows what they’re doing online can help you achieve things that simply can’t happen without the help of a professional team. I know it costs money. Look, nobody wants to add extra expenses to their business. But it’s an investment that you really can’t ignore any longer. If you have your secretary handling your social media and think it’s the same as having an experienced agency doing it… well, you’re wrong. Here are a few reasons why jewelers should consider working with a digital agency. Experience = capabilities and less risk Put simply, experts that do marketing day in and day out are going to have more skill than the average business owner tinkering with their own marketing execution. It goes beyond understanding the tools - an expert will have a different outlook on your overall strategy as a whole. This is perhaps the biggest strength of an experienced agency - knowing which strategies work, and knowing how to put it all together. Theres a huge risk mitigation element as well. Hiring an agency with years of marketing experience will make sure your campaigns launch smoothly. The more experienced the team, the less risk you’ll have of something going wrong.   Software/Tools Marketing isn’t magic. It takes a lot of know-how and years of trial and error. It also takes a serious set of software and equipment that most jewelers can’t justify spending the money on. To put it into perspective, our agency spends about $100-300 per month on each client’s software (this is why we can’t charge absurdly low rates - because we have real expenses for every client). In some cases, we expect the client to have their own accounts (for example a mail program subscription like Mailchimp or Constant Contact). However, we also have subscriptions to advanced software that lets us do things that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Advanced Reporting & Tracking A professional digital marketing agency can better help you understand which marketing channels you should be investing your time and money in. They’ll be able to supply you with reports and data showing you where your traffic is coming from and how to convert more customers. These advanced reporting techniques are usually beyond the scope of what business owners can unravel on their own.

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