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Top 5 Must-Have Social Media Tools For Jewelry Brands And Stores August 29, 2018 (0 comments)

self.jpg Social media takes a lot of time, effort and energy. Luckily there are a slew of apps out there that help make social media a little more manageable and even fun. Here are our top five must-have social media tools that you need to download now. Kira Kira The Kira Kira app allows users to add a touch of sparkle to every post. You can use the app’s sparkle filters by taking videos and photos directly from the app or apply them to photos and videos you already have. It’s a fun way to add a little bling and more engagement to your feed. (See below: Kira Kira App filter example via @colettejewelry) A Design Kit Looking to make your own quotes, add text quickly to an image or promote a sale through a sophisticated text only post? Then you’ll love the app A Design Kit. The app allows you to to do all the above and more while offering a simple to use interface complete with designer worthy fonts and backgrounds. Planoly Consistency of your brand’s look and feel across social media is essential especially for your Instagram feed. That’s where Planoly comes in. The app helps you visually plan, manage and schedule your feed saving you time on everyday posting so you can focus on gaining more engagement and followers. Animoto Videos outperform photos on social media so it’s essential to have a few videos ready to post on your feed and even post them on YouTube. Luckily Animoto allows you to quickly create refined videos in a few minutes using the app’s predesigned templates. Use the app to create everything from a slideshow of your new arrivals to a montage of your customer testimonials in just a few minutes. Ask Lisa Have a few photos you'd like to share but not sure which one to post? Try Ask Lisa, the machine learning powered engagement predictor tool for Instagram. Just upload a few photos you're thinking of posting and the app will predict which photo will get the most engagement and also provide relevant hashtags to use with the photo.

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