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Using Content To Attract & Close Jewelry Customers: The PDF Download November 26, 2018 (0 comments)

Before I knew what I was doing with digital marketing, I really didn’t understand how to maximize my results with ads - or clients. I really thought it was as simple as running some ads, having people click on the ads, and then having those clicks turn into sales. Sure, running a generic ad to a bunch of random people within the vicinity of your store will work. But if you’ve followed my articles for a bit or have seen me speak at an event, you’ll know that I really like to use content as “lure” to attract customers to my site. Then I can serve them ads that are way more relevant to their interests. Essentially, I put out content that my target customer would really like reading about. Then, I serve ads to people that have clicked on that article. So yes - there are ads being used at each stage in this process. But it’s done a bit more strategically than “shotgunning” out a bunch of ads and hoping they work.

Enter, the classic PDF lure.

A popular content marketing strategy is to use some kind of downloadable PDF with really useful information. This is one of the many inbound marketing strategies that some digital marketers use. First, we send out ads and promotions on social and through our email list. This brings visitors to a landing page to download a PDF. Essentially, the PDF offers some kind of info that the reader really would get use out of - a guide on purchasing rings, perhaps - and they enter their email on your landing page to download the PDF. They’ve now collected some great information and now you can follow up with them. Done correctly, this does a few things for you. This helps you find qualified leads. You can put an ad out promoting this great PDF of content, which brings visitors to your landing page. Since the ad will only be targeted to the surrounding vicinity of your store, you know that anyone clicking through to your landing page not only lives local, but is also is interested in what your PDF has to say. The PDF positions you as the expert. The PDF is meant to educate your customer and build brand trust between you and your customer. You’re giving them buying confidence. It’s also putting your logo and contact information right in front of them for when they’re ready to buy. It’s another touch point for them to interact with your brand. It grows your email list. You’re ethically collecting email addresses to grow your email list. Even with the growth of social media, email still remains extremely powerful. This will help you collect a list of new email leads who have shown interest in your brand or products - and they’ve opted in for it. This acts as the start of a marketing funnel. Someone who clicks on the original link to go to the landing page has qualified themselves as a potential purchase. They’re the best type of person to serve follow up ads to. There are two ways we can do this. A. First, by clicking through to your website, you can now remarket to them using Facebook Remarketing or Google Ads. Have you ever browsed products online, only to be shown ads of that same product soon after? This is called remarketing. The company knows you visited their site because browsers collect visitor data. So, they send you ads they know you’re already interested in to get you to pull the trigger on the purchase. You can do the same thing to visitors who have expressed interest in downloading your PDF. Even if they don’t download it, you can still now serve them remarketing ads simply by coming to the landing page. B. Second, if they’ve opted in to download your PDF, they’ve now given you their email address. You can simply add them to your email list. However, I like to use this opportunity to start a custom tailored “drip campaign”. A drip campaign is a series of automatic emails that get sent out by your email provider (I like Mailchimp). The email sequence is triggered by someone downloading your PDF, and sends a series of follow up emails every few days or so. To give you a full example, let’s say you decide to make the PDF a guide on buying wedding rings. When someone downloads it, your email program can automatically send them additional content about buying wedding rings every 4 days. The idea is to keep creating touch points between you and your audience until they realize you’re the best choice for their money.

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