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What Really Gets Eyeballs To Your Site? A Good Story. February 12, 2019 (0 comments)

wr.jpg People have learned to ignore ads over time. If we want to get people to pay attention to what we're doing online, we have to make it interesting. Today, the best-performing ads are actually great pieces of content. Yesterday, my buddy shared a post on Facebook that he originally shared 2 years prior.  The post he shared was a video that The Wrestling Coach created and shared on Facebook. It's received 3 million views so far. Take a look at the video on his Facebook page HERE. Here's how the video looks on his page, if you don't care to watch the video. Look at the stats! Over 3 million views. 43,530 shares.  11,000 interactions. 1,300 comments. This is simply incredible. When The Wrestling Coach wanted to promote himself and his gym, he didn't simply send out flyers saying "6 week special for $99". He didn't even mention his services, pricing or anything. He didn't even mention his gym's name or website link! However, what he did get was an insane amount of eyeballs to his video, and therefore his page. And he does this all the time. He has a bunch of great videos like this that circle the web. That's always the first step. People need a number of positive experiences with your brand in order to decide to like your page, go to your website, or buy your product. The number of positive experiences can vary - sometimes I'll follow a page after seeing only one video or good piece of content. Sometimes it will take me 6 months to even decide to make a purchasing decision. But, over those 6 months, if The Wrestling Coach shows me 3-4 other amazing videos like this one, I would undeniably consider his gym when I was ready to sign up for one. Whereas other gyms in his area simply post ads online that they offer martial arts classes, The Wrestling Coach is creating an emotional connection and creating genuine excitement. Build a love for your brand by using great stories and connecting with your audience. The long-term payoff of that versus spamming people with traditional ads will always be enormously better. For a winning combo, create exciting content and find a way to incorporate an ad strategy alongside it.

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