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Why You Should Never Buy Social Media Followers - Ever. July 16, 2019 (0 comments)

1-5.jpg If you're starting a new brand or have a low social media following, you may be tempted to "buy" social media followers. There are plenty of shady overseas companies who can do this for you. However, the cost of doing so is more than the money you'll pay. For starters, any company willing to break Facebook's policies for money (because, you know, this practice is illegal) is untrustworthy. You'd be a bit crazy to send a company like this money. How could you trust anything they're saying? Oh. Facebook will also delete your profile if they catch you, resulting in losing everything. However, the bigger issue with buying social media followers is that it will throw your marketing metrics completely off. Whenever you'd run any kind of ad campaign, you would risk wasting your ad budget targeting fake profiles. Even worse, your marketing analytics will be completely wrong, too - with fake profiles liking your page, you won't know which marketing numbers are accurate! Do the smart thing and grow your social media following properly. Cutting corners is only going to get you in trouble and make things harder for you.

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