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Aussie Dog Tries To Become A Locket Star March 19, 2019 (0 comments)

“Dogs in lockets, lockets and dogs?” Since when is this a thing?” Scout, the adorable Aussie, is on a mission to get his photo into his owner’s coveted locket. His quest begins when he discovers The Locket Bar™ on his owner’s laptop & sees pics of golden retrievers (“typical” he mutters) in a beautiful locket. Determined to have a photo of himself in his owner’s locket, he starts to ponder… What makes one locket worthy? As he chews over this (no pun intended) profound question, he starts to realize, he’s always been locket worthy… “Didn’t I single-handedly make her Instafamous? Doesn’t she see that shots of me get more likes than her selfies?” Scout ponders. “Don’t I share coveted beauty secrets her with like my stretches, for example, that clearly help her tone and lengthen? Say Namaste when you’re done.” He sighs. Just as Scout begins to feel what more can one dog do, something sparkly catches his eye… Produced by: Monica Rich Kosann & The New Potato Written/Directed by Laura Kosann Appearances: Setareki Wainiqolo (voiceover) Danielle Kosann

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