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1920s Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Ring Available at Boylerpf January 04, 2024 (0 comments)


Ellendale, N.D.--Boylerpf is offering a 1920s Art Deco dinner ring for $1,250. This piece features an X-shaped design with Carre Emerald cut ruby gemstones set in 14K white and yellow gold. The rubies, each 2mm square, are complemented by a diamond-studded fleur de lis motif, with diamonds each measuring 1mm.

[Image via Boylerpf]

The ring has a size of 5.75 US (L 1/2 UK), weighs 4.1 grams, and has a face measurement of 15mm North to South, standing 6mm off the finger. The ring's hallmark confirms its 14K gold composition.

Despite its age, the ring is said to be in good condition with no significant damage to the ruby or diamond gemstones. It has been professionally examined and verbally appraised, and a goldsmith has tested its gold content.

The stone carat weights are approximate, and the antique ring may show signs of wear or small imperfections typical for its age.

The ring is available on Boylerpf's website, with a limited quantity of one piece in stock. A video showcasing the ring can be viewed here on YouTube.

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