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$2 Million Stolen In Brooklyn Jewelry Heist, 3 Suspects Wanted January 11, 2023 (0 comments)


Brooklyn, NY--Three suspects, armed with weapons, were captured on surveillance video committing a bold jewelry theft in Brooklyn.

[Image via abc7ny]

The individuals shattered glass display cases and stole $2 million worth of jewelry successfully.

According to a news report, Facets, located in Park Slope, offers unique pieces and carefully selected collections. However, on Sunday, the store's allure for sparkly items attracted the unwanted attention of three men.

"He reached in his pocket, and I remember thinking this in my head, 'how is he pulling this long thing out, what is this' and it was a hammer he pulls it out and says, 'this is how you use a hammer,' and he just started banging," owner Irina Sulay said about one of the men, as per the report.

The smash-and-grab incident saw the suspects get away with around 100 engagement rings valued at about $2 million.

"It looks like they knew exactly where to go," Sulay stated in the report, adding that the suspects threatened to kill her when she tried to use a phone.

"He curses and says, 'don't move, what are you doing? I'm going to shoot you, don't move,'" she added.

Learn more about how the incident unfolded in the entire news report.

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