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$5.8 Million Diamond Switch Thief Gets 5 1/2 Years August 15, 2021 (0 comments)


London, UK--60 year old Lula Lakatos was recently convicted nine to one by a London court for the 2016 sleight-of-hand theft at high-end London jewelry store Boodles of diamonds worth $5.8 Millin she switched for garden pebbles. 

The photo shown above-left is courtesy of the London Metropolitan Police, as are the ones below of Lakotos in the disguise she wore when the theft took place and the garden pebbles she used to make the quick switch. These photos and a Boodles store surveillance video capturing the switch were among the evidence used to convict her.

Pebbles used in switch courtesy of METROPOLITAN POLICE.


Lakotos in discguise used in switch (courtesy of METROPOLITAN POLICE) and photo of Boodles Mayfair, where the theft took place.

During the trial, Lakotos was said to have changed her outfit at a pub and fled the UK to France with accomplices within three hours of the theft.

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