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78% of Consumers Plan to Shop More In-Store This Year: ChaseDesign March 31, 2021 (0 comments)


Bloomfield Hills, MI--Recent research by consumer shopping behavior agency ChaseDesign shows that 78% of consumers plan to shop more in-store this year.

In a release published by, ChaseDesign reports that consumers are eager to get out of the house and want to interact with store associates and physically interact with products. 

More information from the release:

"Our research clearly shows consumers want to enjoy physical shopping once again. Forty-two percent of people said they miss being able to touch and feel products. When consumers do return, they will be using technology such as retailers apps and self-checkout to make their experience better. Retailers need to take this into consideration stock and get ready to build connections with old and new customers," Joe Lampertius (shown above), president at ChaseDesign, said in the release. Lampertius often speaks on store innovation and serves major consumer brands in his role as leader of ChaseDesign.

"Shoppers miss the physical, human side of shopping in-store, and consumers mostly miss Target and Walmart in-store experiences, according to a press release on the research.

"For their part, retailers and brands should be well-stocked and ready for returning consumers, according to the release."

Click here to read the full release.

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