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AeroDiamonds Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to ARESA New York September 11, 2020 (0 comments)

Aresa New York

New York NY--ARESA New York (previously AeroDiamonds) has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to the changing consumer demand for “meaningful luxury” and a renewal to its company vision. At the heart of this rebranding is an introduction of the new name, logo identity, signature product lines dedicated to inspiring women throughout the history. (Image Credit: ARESA New York/Instagram.)

“It’s a major milestone for the brand. Today’s consumers are looking for a genuine, personally meaningful, and lasting statement in luxury” said Vishal Kotahwala, President, CEO at RIU Jewels, the parent company of ARESA. “Our vision is to empower our customers to celebrate their life in the way that is meaningful to them through diamonds. This new brand and evolving positioning reflects our commitment to innovate what it means to design, source, and market fine jewelry.”  

ARESA redefines the meaning of diamonds beyond marriage and engagement. The brand stands for celebrating women's authentic stories of empowerment, memories, love, joy, and accomplishment. The company’s new tagline “Dare to Shine™” expresses the positioning of the brand that is innovative, confident and discerning. The name “ARESA” is inspired by the act of arising, to move upwards to the light and towards a better tomorrow.  

The brand’s signature designs are designs are named after the brilliant women who blazed their own paths, including Nobel Prize winning writer Toni Morrison, the first computer programmer Ada Lovelace, and the era-defining painter Tamera de Lempicka. These names stand for empowerment, creativity & dedication to their passion. In addition to the tributes, the company has released an interactive online design studio where customers can create their own diamond jewelry unique to their own life stories. 

ARESA’s rebranding is not just cosmetic. ARESA announces its dedication to sustainability by making transparent its sourcing and launching 100% biodegradable packaging. ARESA only sources genuine, conflict-free refurbished diamonds that were previously owned and put back in the diamond supply chain. Above 90% of the gold is recycled from existing jewelry, industrial metals or electronics.  

About the Company: 
ARESA New York creates innovative fine jewelry for authentic women who define their own milestones. Handcrafted in NYC with precise technique, ARESA’s “floating diamond” bezel-less setting brings out the stone's maximum brilliance through minimalist design. All of ARESA jewelry is sustainably made from 100% genuine refurbished diamonds and 18K recycled gold. 

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