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AGS Laboratories to Merge with GIA October 21, 2022 (0 comments)


CARLSBAD, CA LAS VEGAS, NV--The American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratories will merge with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). In a joint statement distributed by GIA, the two organizations said the move “will dramatically advance their long-standing collaboration in pursuit of their shared consumer protection missions.”

The AGS Laboratories research staff, intellectual property, technology and Las Vegas facility will integrate into GIA.

[Katherine Bodoh, AGS CEO, and Susan Jacques, GIA President and CEO, together at AGS Day at the GIA Carlsbad Headquarters]

The AGS Ideal Report will be available from GIA as a digital-only supplement to GIA diamond reports for eligible D-to-Z natural and laboratory-grown round brilliant and fancy shape diamonds. The AGS Ideal Report supplement will have an additional cost of $25, according to the statement. GIA clients will be able to request the supplemental reports beginning in January 2023. Further details about the supplemental AGS Ideal Report from GIA will be available soon.

AGS Laboratories will provide services until the end of 2022. AGS Laboratories will contact clients with details of the transition.

Both the GIA and AGS were founded by Robert M. and Beatrice Shipley in the 1930s. GIA said it will create an endowment to support AGS and its membership through education and credentialing, “furthering the Society’s efforts to develop the next generations of educated, ethical professional jewelers and industry leaders,” the statement read.

“This consequential agreement brings AGS and GIA even closer, driving our future with 90 years of shared history and elevating our founders’ vision,” said Katherine Bodoh, AGS CEO. “AGS and GIA each have their unique perspective and expertise, and a steadfast focus on advancing ethics, standards and education in the gem and jewelry industry.”

“By harnessing each other’s strengths to move forward boldly, consumers will be better protected and we will ensure the longevity of the Shipleys’ vision,” said Susan Jacques, GIA president and CEO.

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