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Albert’s Jewelry Awards Honors Everyday Heroes in Lake County September 02, 2023 (0 comments)


Schererville, IN--Albert's Diamond Jewelry once again highlighted the commendable services of police, firefighters, and EMTs through their annual "Hometown Hero" award.

[Image via Albert's Diamond Jewelers/Facebook]

The business annually applauds standout professionals from Lake County's various departments. According to a report in NWI Times, honorees, selected based on their exemplary performances, are rewarded with Citizen Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line Watches, crafted explicitly for first responders. 

This year's ceremony took place at 711 Main St., where the chosen few collected their accolades, had their watch fittings, and posed for photographs.

In the report, Christine Martinez, the Marketing Manager, shared that Albert's liaises with local police and fire heads to find those who have truly shone in their roles. The 2023 awardees hail from multiple towns, including East Chicago, Dyer, Crown Point, and others.

Before setting up their recognizable Schererville store, owner Fred Halpern's venture at the Indiana Harbor in East Chicago witnessed two fires. Thanks to prompt fire department actions, the business remained intact. "They saved our lives," Halpern said, per the report. "I wanted to recognize the people who are doing good for our country."

Highlighting some of this year's recipients: Officer Jacob Bermingham of Schererville was acknowledged for his teamwork and effective use of his K-9 partner, Dado. In the report, commenting on Bermingham's dedication, Cmdr. Michael Bork stated he's the glue of the unit right now and helps make it successful, adding that he's very involved in law enforcement and represents what it means to be a young officer nowadays.

Fire Lt. Scott Clifford from St. John, balancing his full-time job with his firefighting and EMT duties, expressed his gratitude, noting his pride and motivation for being recognized. In the report, Crown Point Fire Chief Mark Baumgartner emphasized the importance of such recognition. "A little bit of recognition goes a long way," he said, per the report.

Les Mokrzycki and Carey Hobson of Citizen Watch, present at the event, highlighted Albert's longstanding commitment to appreciating local heroes. "Albert's has been honoring heroes for years," Hobson said, per the report. "Not all companies do what Fred does. He goes above and beyond like no one else."

Learn more in the entire NWI Times report.

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