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New York, NY—You've just got to love those jewelry-loving ladies! While bridal jewelry is the constant that helps jewelers through tough economic times, there’s plenty of life in the female self-purchase market.

In another of The Centurion’s “ripped from the pages” fashion reports where we look at what consumers are seeing—and saying—about jewelry in popular media, we discovered that according to a recent poll by InStyle magazine, 40% of respondents have purchased a “major piece of bling” for themselves. The magazine polls its readers monthly on a variety of topics, so as jewelers head into the Las Vegas jewelry shows, here’s a snapshot of what consumers told the magazine they want.

More than half (59%) of respondents say the left ring finger isn’t just for engagement or wedding rings: yes, they would wear a ring on that finger even if they’re not engaged or married. But they still hold tradition dear: when asked if they think engagement rings are “cool” or “stodgy,” 83% of respondents still said it’s the cool way to celebrate an engagement.

Three-fourths of respondents would rather splurge on one good piece than buy a lot of small fun inexpensive pieces.

Not surprisingly, earrings are respondents’ favorite kind of jewelry (47%), followed by necklaces (26%), bracelets (18%), watches (8%), and brooches (1%).

This season, “ladylike and classic” is the favored style by an overwhelming margin. 57% of respondents prefer it for their jewelry, followed by “modern and artsy” (26%), “boho and tribal” (11%), or “edgy and goth” (preferred by only 6% of respondents).

InStyle magazine recently polled readers about their jewelry likes and dislikes.

Diamonds still are a girl’s best friend, according to InStyle. 59% of readers own at least one piece of jewelry with their birthstone, but when asked what their favorite gem is, 49% said diamond. 31% will go green instead, preferring emerald. 15% prefer sapphire and only 5% favor ruby. Apparently neither Kate Middleton’s engagement ring nor Dorothy’s ruby slippers have much fashion influence, it seems.

Jewelry also has to be durable, according to the InStyle poll. Though the mere thought makes jewelers cringe, 46% of respondents wear their jewelry while working out. Another 45% wear it to bed, 42% wear it in the shower, and 37% wear it while washing dishes.

The poll also asked what women do with jewelry from an old flame. Surprisingly, only 27% said they’d sell it, while more than half would save it for sentimental reasons. 19% would give it back—along with all the bad memories.

Finally, when asked their views about jewelry on men, women are divided: 55% said they either love it or don’t mind it, but 45% definitely don’t like it.

A surprising 49% of readers polled by InStyle about men's jewelry said no. But happily they still want their guys to buy an engagement ring for them!

Separately, in its own spot-check survey, The Centurion also recently asked jewelers what’s on their shopping lists for Las Vegas.

Some jewelers aren’t seeking anything new, just filling in. Writes one, “I’m undecided, but I just want something that will turn!” Among stores seeking to add new lines, by and large, the thing most respondents want to find this year is a fashion line—something that will undoubtedly make female shoppers happy. Writes one jeweler from the Caribbean, “an interesting line that does not look like anyone else’s!” Says another, “I’m looking for the next classic!”

Here are some of the other items jewelers will be searching for at the shows: chunky colored stone and pearl necklaces, silver and color, estate jewelry, high-end fashion jewelry, convertible pieces, metalsmith [i.e. designer/craft-style] jewelry, watches, private label bridal, and a new wedding band line.


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