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Anna Zuckerman Luxury Launches New High-Quality CZ Jewelry Brand Offering Affordable Luxury to Everyone December 01, 2020 (0 comments)

2020-12-1 Anna Zuckerman

New York, NY--Anna Zuckerman, Founder and Designer of Anna Zuckerman Luxury launches her all-new eponymous jewelry brand via e-commerce at Image Credit: Anna Zuckerman Luxury.

Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to empower women from all walks of life, Anna recognized a market need for luxury jewelry designed for everyday lifestyles and budgets. She created a revolutionary process using nanotechnology to invent Diamond Crystalline™, high-grade cubic zirconia coated with a material composed of the same element as a diamond, pairing the pinnacle of quality and brilliance with affordability. 

Crafted in rhodium-plated sterling silver and assembled in the USA, most of the designs sell for under $200 and include a full two-year warranty. In addition to the e-commerce platform, Zuckerman is building a flagship store in Mizner Park, Boca Raton set to open in November, just in time for the holiday selling season.

“Extraordinary jewelry should not be reserved for royalty and the red carpet,” says Anna Zuckerman. “Every woman deserves to sparkle; we are all worthy of luxury. I make incredible jewels that everyone can afford. No need for long-term wish lists or saving up. Women deserve to feel confident, sexy and beautiful now."

From tiaras to tennis bracelets, the line offers a wide variety of styles across all categories of jewelry. Every piece is made of rhodium-plated precious silver in an ethical, violence-free, and ecologically responsible process. Diamond Crystalline and lab-grown gemstones offer a wide variety of colorful styles, each designed with Anna’s unique attention to detail and her love for the extraordinary masterpieces from royal and elite private collections. 

Born to a family of goldsmiths and fine jewelers, Anna has been in the fine jewelry industry for over twenty years. She became a highly successful designer, opening her own fine jewelry store in Wisconsin in 1996. Her industry expertise and personal values have now aligned in the Anna Zuckerman Luxury Brand. She believes in empowering women by helping them to recognize and enhance their own beauty and worth from the inside out. She aims to create a lasting impact by popularizing the idea of red-carpet wear synergized with every-day lifestyle, so that everyone has the chance to put their confidence on display in the brightest way.

Zuckerman's line ranges in price from $49 to $1,999. Following are selected designs from the collection.

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