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Are You Doing the Right Thing for Your Retail Partners? Part 2 February 02, 2022 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--In this week’s article, we discuss two additional ways manufacturers and brands can show their support to their retail partners and create a lasting impression.

1.      Make A Special Product

What sets you apart from your competition?  It is becoming more and more difficult to be innovative in the jewelry industry.  Let’s face it, you can only create a round halo in so many ways.  In order to build a thriving partnership with the retailer, be sure to present a product that is truly unique and special.  Whether it’s your quality that sets you apart or your signature designs, be sure to emphasize these details and have marketing materials that support your product.  Doing so will create an identity for your brand and build confidence with the retailer. 

2.      Guarantee Your Product

Doing your research prior to a meeting shows your retail partner that you are prepared.  There was nothing more that I appreciated as a buyer than a partner that was prepared prior to a meeting.  Analyze your data and compile best-selling packages that guarantee results.  Research your competition; price points, product offerings, marketing, and training materials when available.  Know what your retailer’s pain points are and have solutions to fix their problems.  Because you have done your research, I highly suggest you offer a return on the goods after a period of time.  A buyer doesn’t want to pick through the product and hope that it sells only to find out six months down the road that it’s a dog and now they need to negotiate a return.  Being able to confidently purchase a package eliminates any trepidations a buyer might have.  If you can be transparent with your partners, back up your packages with data-driven results, and do your research, you can guarantee sales.

If you are differentiating your product from your competition, it adds value to the retailer.  It gives them a unique story, one that they can use as a tool when selling to the consumer.  If you can be transparent with your partners, back up your packages with data-driven results, and do your research, you can guarantee sales.  Apply the practices in Part 1 and 2 and you can bank on a stronger supplier, retailer partnership.       

Jackie Johnson is the Vice President of Crabtree Consulting.  Before joining Crabtree Consulting, Jackie had a successful career at one of the largest independent chains on the West Coast, where she was the Designer Bridal Buyer for over 10 elite brands.  Reach her at or visit where you can set up a live chat or a 30-minute free consultation.

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