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Attempted Tunnel Heist at Chatsworth Jewelry Store Thwarted March 29, 2024 (0 comments)

Topanga Canyon Plaza

Chatsworth, CA--An attempt to burglarize a jewelry store was thwarted early on March 25. According to a report in KTLA, robbers tried to tunnel into the Denny Lesser Jewelry store at Topanga Canyon Plaza around 2 a.m. but were interrupted when the owner, working late, alerted the police.

[Screengrab image via KTLA]

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a robbery alarm at the 9927 Topanga Canyon Boulevard store. Surveillance footage caught a suspect in a parka and a silver SUV fleeing the scene.

The burglars cut through a fence to access an adjacent martial arts studio and then attempted to tunnel through walls to the jewelry store. They broke through six walls, starting with the exterior cinderblock, and created a hole in a neighboring salon's restroom.

Salon owner Sarah Shafik and another shop owner highlighted in the report the extent of the damage and the unusual nature of the burglary attempt.

Despite the effort, the burglars did not succeed in stealing anything. Shafik commented in the report on the burglars' lack of judgment, suggesting they find legitimate work.

Learn more in this report in KTLA.

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