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BDMA and Natural Diamond Council Forge New Partnership to Bolster Botswana’s Diamond Industry May 15, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The Botswana Diamond Manufacturers Association (BDMA) has partnered with the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) to enhance the diamond industry's understanding and transparency among consumers worldwide. This collaboration seeks to promote the Botswana diamond manufacturing industry globally.

Founded in 2007, BDMA champions Botswana's diamond-cutting and polishing industry, as per a news release. The association collaborates with the government and other entities to facilitate a favorable business environment for its members and the diamond industry's key stakeholders.

"Botswana represents a crucial location within the Natural Diamond Industry. We look forward to this partnership allowing us to more widely share the values of the Botswana diamond industry with the world", shared David Kellie, CEO of the NDC, in the news release. "Just last year, we visited with our global ambassador, Lily James, where we saw first-hand the impact of the diamond manufacturers by bringing skills and employment to Botswana, particularly for young people and people with disabilities."

BDMA Chairman Siddarth Gothi expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, "With so many stakeholders and industry powerhouses coming together to invest strategically in the industry, we want to make sure that Botswana's diamond manufacturing expertise is being shared around the world and we feel that Natural Diamonds Council can do just that.", he shared in the news release. "We have worked with De Beers and other large NDC members for years and are excited to take this next step in strengthening this industry relationship."

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