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Ben Bridge Reveals the Radiance of Rolex’s Everose Gold December 29, 2023 (0 comments)


Seattle, WA--In a recent reveal by Ben Bridge Jeweler, the spotlight has been cast on Rolex's exclusive Everose gold, an 18 ct pink gold alloy known for its radiance and durability.

[Video screengrab via Ben Bridge Jeweler/Facebook]

Developed by Rolex's in-house experts, this alloy comprises a minimum of 75% gold, complemented by 20% copper and the addition of palladium and indium. The precise formula of Everose gold is a closely guarded secret.

A Facebook post by the jeweler noted that this alloy is celebrated for its sophisticated and distinct hue. The deep, aurora-like golden shade of Everose gold results from a casting process conducted in Rolex's Geneva foundry, adhering to the brand's rigorous standards.

Rolex's Everose gold stands out for its aesthetic appeal and resistance to fading and tarnishing, a common issue with traditional gold alloys. This resistance is attributed to the physical and chemical properties harnessed in its creation.

Check out the original Facebook post.

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