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Montreal Newspaper Lauds Jeweler Marco Miserendino as a Community Leader October 25, 2022 (0 comments)

Marco Miserendino

Montreal, Canada--Marco Miserendino of Bijouterie Italienne is more than just a jeweler in this city’s Little Italy neighborhood. He provides leadership in the community, as told by the La Presse newspaper. 

[Image via marcobijou/Twitter]

“I have a sense of duty. Who has nurtured the business all these years? It's the community, and it has needs,” Miserendino tells the newspaper.

Every morning, as told by the newspaper, Miserendino makes the rounds of the cafes in this tight-knit neighborhood talking with residents and fellow small business owners. When he has lunch at one of his favorite neighborhood restaurants, people surround him and talk about the issues facing the community.

One thing he doesn’t want to talk about is jewelry and watches, even though his retail store is as much a fixture as he is.

Read the entire story in English and French in La Presse.

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