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Blacy’s Jewelry Showcases Erica Courtney’s A-list Collection April 18, 2023 (1 comment)


Los Gatos, CA--Celebrity-adored jewelry designer Erica Courtney, whose creations have graced the likes of Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, and Sofia Vergara, will showcase her signature Drop Dead Gorgeous collection at Blacy's Jewelry in Los Gatos on April 26-27.

[Image via The Mercury News]

Owner Jeanette Blacy, who has known Courtney for three decades, initially carried her silver cross designs. In a report, Blacy says Courtney now specializes in "sourcing beautiful high-end colored stones" for one-of-a-kind, elaborate jewelry pieces, including earrings, pendants, and rings.

The report notes that Courtney's career began unexpectedly in 1984 when her mother encouraged her to turn her embellished sunglasses into a business. Her designs evolved with her style, becoming increasingly sophisticated over time. After moving to Los Angeles, she designed jewelry for celebrities, incorporating diamonds and exotic stones to create a fabulous look.

Traveling the globe with field gemologist Vincent Pardieu, Courtney sources rare stones from Brazil, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka. Her passion for the hunt and the beauty of the stones drive her creations. Currently, sapphires and rubies, especially Ceylon sapphires, are in high demand. Among her favorites is Paraiba, a copper-based stone with a unique blue hue primarily found in Brazil and Mozambique.

Learn more in this report.

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