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Boggs Jewelry Marks 100 Years of Family Legacy, Invite Community for Celebration December 24, 2023 (0 comments)


Sun City Center, FL--Boggs Jewelry, a family-owned business with a five-generation heritage, marked its 100th anniversary on December 16. The current proprietors, Roy and Jo Boggs, hosted a public celebration at their store at 4852 State Road 672, Kings Crossing Shopping Center.

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Per a report in The Observer News, the journey of Boggs Jewelry began in 1923 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, founded by Morris Boggs, Roy's grandfather. The business relocated to St. Petersburg for health reasons concerning Morris's wife and was initially situated on 9th Street North.

After Morris's passing, his son Jack, a decorated World War II veteran, took over. The store has been managed by subsequent generations of the Boggs family, passing from Jack to his son Robert and then to Roy. Today, Roy's grandchildren, Avery, 21, and Lacey, 18, represent the fifth generation and are actively involved in the business.

Approximately 30 years ago, Boggs Jewelry established its presence in Sun City Center. Its first location was at 4845 State Road 674 and U.S. 301, near the Three-Legged Poodle. In early 2015, the store moved to its current location in the Kings Crossing Shopping Center, which Jo Boggs described as "the best thing we ever did."

The report notes that Boggs Jewelry is known for its diverse range of jewelry featuring classic and contemporary designs. Their collection includes diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and a selection of fine watches, wall clocks, and grandfather clocks. Additionally, the store offers specialized services such as clock repair, jewelry appraisals, engraving, and watch repair services. 

The store's reputation for honesty, trustworthiness, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of its longevity. "We remember the days when a handshake meant something," Jo emphasized in the report. "You don't stay in business for 100 years without those kind of values."

Beyond business, the Boggs family is actively involved in community service. Jo contributes to various causes, including cat rescue, judging the Sun City Center Golf Cart Parade for 17 years, and fundraising for Southeastern Guide Dogs and the Critter Adoption and Rescue Effort no-kill animal shelter. Despite battling cancer with multiple rounds of treatment, she continues her community and charitable efforts.

Boggs Jewelry is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. For more information, the community can contact the store at 813-634-7899.

Learn more in the entire report on The Observer News.

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