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Borsheims Publishes Guide on How to Travel With Necklaces June 13, 2024 (0 comments)

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Omaha, NE--Due to their delicate nature, traveling with necklaces requires careful planning. Borsheims has published a guide to help travelers protect their necklaces during journeys, regardless of the method of travel.

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How to Pack Necklaces for Travel

Adequate packing is crucial for protecting jewelry. Each piece requires a tailored storage method. Use straws to separate chains, and consider an airtight, hard-shell travel case to protect necklaces from impact, pressure, and moisture.

Packing Necklaces for Car Travel

The article says that when traveling by car, secure your necklace box in a stable, upright position, ideally in the glove compartment. Keep the car cool to avoid damaging metals and gemstones. Never leave necklaces in the car overnight due to theft risks and temperature swings.

Tips for Flying with Necklaces

The article notes that air travel poses risks due to security screenings and luggage handling. To avoid loss or damage, pack necklaces in your carry-on baggage. Use organizational tools like straws and hard-shell organizers to prevent tangling. Be prepared to remove jewelry during security checks.

Packing Necklaces for a Cruise

Maritime travel brings challenges such as humidity and motion. Use waterproof, airtight containers and straws to protect necklaces from salty air and impacts. Store them in a stable spot within your cabin and carry a soft polishing cloth to clean any residue.

Hotel Precautions

When staying at a hotel, store necklaces in the room safe when not in use for added security.

Read the original article by Borsheims.

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