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Ritmo Mundo Welcomes Arnold Schwarzenegger

Basel, Switzerland—Movie star, bodybuilder, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made a special guest appearance at Ritmo Mundo’s 10th anniversary celebration during the Baselworld fair, held here from March 8 to 15. Schwarzenegger, a customer of David Orgell Jewelers in Beverly Hills, CA, and a fan of the Ritmo brand, visited the company’s booth and reviewed the latest introductions to the line with Ritmo founder Ali Soltani.


Cherie Dori Offers Exclusive Bridal App With Location Finder

Basel, Switzerland—Today’s typical bridal customers, age 18-34, have grown up with mobile phones in their hands and access to a world of information at their fingertips, say Nelly and Shimon Cohen, owners of Cherie Dori Inc. "Today it is not enough to just make beautiful jewelry. Jewelers need tools to reach the customers and engage customers in the sale, even when they are away from the store,’ say the Cohens, who unveiled a new bridal app at the fair.

Emphasizing that the 18-34 demographic has been trained to ignore traditional forms of advertising, the way to reach these customers is by speaking their language, say the Cohens. Cheri Dori’s new Diadori bridal line is supported by state-of-the-art iPhone and Android applications featuring HD-3D images of the line’s innovative bridal designs.

The apps highlight 3-D images of each ring in either white or yellow gold. The high definition images also show the ring modeled on a human hand, and the apps use GPS location services to direct customers to the closest independent retailer. The app locks on the first store customers see giving the appearance that the app is unique to that store.  Customers can get directions to the store, make an appointment to see the ring style they’ve chosen, give their e-mail to receive more information from the jeweler, or request a quote on a ring directly from the app.

Cherie Dori's new Diadori app in 3D-HD, shows a set of rings, top, and rings on a human hand, bottom.

Each participating jeweler will gain exclusive market rights to the app, as well as a customized Facebook app that will be embedded on the page. When customers use the Facebook app, it installs on their own , placing the store’s logo on the customer’s newsfeed page—keeping the jeweler always in the customer’s mind.  This app uses the same high definition images from the iPhone and Android apps.  Customers can easily share their favorite style with Facebook friends instantly. 

Diadori also provides a customized webpage to be added to the jewelers’ website, giving another avenue for the customer to use the apps, if they don’t have a smart phone or Facebook account.

The displays that come with the Diadori line also feature a special mount for the iPad.  Jewelers can simply show any rings they don’t have in stock on an iPad.  Diadori provides counter cards with QR codes so customers can easily find and download the app when in the store.

For a link to the iPhone version of the app, click here. For Android users, click here. See a sample of a jeweler using Cherie Dori’s Facebook app here and watch a presentation on Diadori here.


Bellarri Wins Fourth “Jewelers Choice” Award

Scottsdale, AZ—Bellarri has again won a top spot in the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards, for her new Circle of Love collection, based on cool blue tones. She also won the Best Silver Design category for a piece from her Madame B by Bellarri collection. More information and photos are available at


Omega May Soon Beat Rolex for Chinese Market Share

New York, NY—It’s a battle of the brands in China, and Rolex may not necessarily come out the winner. According to this article in Luxury Daily, the most searched watch model [in China] is Omega’s Seamaster, followed by Rolex’s Submariner and Daytona models. Overall, Rolex still is a more searched brand—18.63%--but Omega is closing in at 15.84%.

Demand for luxury watches in China has surpassed the United States, says the article, and consumers are seeking out not just brands but very specific models within the brands. They also want the real thing, not a counterfeit.

Florent Bondoux, head of strategy and intelligence for the Geneva, Switzerland-based Digital Luxury Group and producer of the WorldWatchReport, said the gap between market leader Rolex and runner-up Omega is narrowing quickly—it’s down to 2.3 percentage points against 8.4 in 2009, mainly due to Omega gaining market share in China while Rolex has renewed focus on the West, he told Luxury Daily.

Read the entire article here.

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