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Brand News Rahaminov Focuses On Female Self-Purchase; Superfit Inc. Rebrands To Cliq January 23, 2018 (0 comments)


Rahaminov Diamonds Focuses On Female Self-Purchase

Los Angeles, CA—Female self-purchase has at last become important to the diamond sector. For Rahaminov Diamonds, shifting gears from producing the kind of luxury jewelry that women typically receive as gifts to producing the kind they’d buy for themselves was easy, given that its brand is helmed by two generations of women. At left, a set of stackable rings in white, yellow, and rose gold.

No fancy focus groups were needed at the brand’s weekly team meetings because the principals know what women want. Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner, the brand’s co-founder, brought her daughters into the business several years ago. Nicol Goldfiner Barlev is responsible for design, alongside her sister Melanie Goldfiner, Rahaminov Diamonds’ new business director. With their finger on the pulse of trends and fashion, the next generation has infused a modern take to the storied brand, and is an excellent representation of the women for whom the new collections are designed.

Seeing an increasing number of female self-purchasers become brand loyalists, Rahaminov Diamonds has widened its focus to encompass designing collections specifically with this consumer in mind.

“We find we have women across varied age ranges coming into the brand,” says Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner. “From first-time fine jewelry purchasers looking for stackable rings and line bracelets, to those women celebrating a milestone and wish to mark the moment with a substantial purchase, these new introductions have been designed with these women’s needs in mind.”

Still luxurious, but not specifically tied to any special moments, the new collection from Rahaminov is geared to female self-purchase.

The new collections will debut at the upcoming Centurion Show and will be available in fine jewelry stores this spring.


Superfit Inc. Rebrands Product Line To Cliq; Expands Finished Jewelry Collection
Philadelphia, PA—Few successful companies are willing to do something as bold as changing the brand name of their core product after 25 years of market leadership, but Philadelphia-based Superfit is doing just that. As of January 1, 2018, all products manufactured by Superfit will carry the brand name CLIQ.

The inspiration for the brand evolution came after a well-known professional ballplayer with hard-to-fit fingers went into a Brooklyn, NY jewelry store and asked for “the ring that clicks.” It turned out he wasn’t the only consumer asking for “the ring that clicks,” says Eric Alulis, second-generation president. “It indicated that our product was memorable—but the Superfit name was not. It sounded like a gym, not fine jewelry.”

One of the most common issues with ring sizing is that a person’s knuckles often are larger than the base of the finger where the ring will sit, resulting in a ring that’s too loose once it’s in place. In 1992, Superfit invented and patented a special mechanism to open and close the ring securely, allowing the wearer to size the ring based on the finger, not the knuckle. The signature audible “click” sound lets the wearer know their ring is securely closed.

“CLIQ was logical for us to latch onto—pun intended—as the name describes what the product does. This sound, feeling, and experience is unique to CLIQ products and very much part of our brand,” continues Alulis.

Matthew Stuller, CEO of Stuller Inc., in Lafayette, LA, an industry innovator supportive of Superfit technology from its early days, concurred. “Rebranding is a BOLD move after 25 years, but CLIQ is a great name for the product!”

Precision technology is in the CLIQ DNA, and as one of the first jewelry companies to use laser welding, metal molding, and CAD/CAM, its core brand philosophy is that any ring and any style can be adapted to open and close securely without distortion of the design, offering everyone the benefits and comfort of a custom fit.

But while jewelers recognize the company’s technology as the best in the category, they still tend to refer to all mechanical shanks generically, added Alulis. Because of its unique technology, CLIQ is the only custom sizing solution that can be used on virtually any style of ring. Other hinge systems are incompatible with eternity bands, Euro shanks, bypass rings, knife edges, tapered settings, hand-engraved details, and many complex designs. “It was important to further differentiate ourselves from competitors’ products that have not changed in decades. Our mechanism has evolved with technology and it has a finer precision and quality beyond all other products in this segment of our industry.” 

Along with the name, CLIQ is expanding its brand into finished jewelry. Although the iconic mechanism will remain available for retrofit, CLIQ believes the time is right to evolve into a trusted front-of-store brand as well as back-of-store brand. As the company’s leadership gradually transitions from founders Gena and Paul Alulis to their son, Eric, the time was perfect to also transition from a trade-only brand to a recognized consumer brand. CLIQ’s expanded line of finished rings also includes many of the styles--like eternity bands and bypass rings--that other mechanical shanks can't accommodate.

A new website, the expanded product, and in-store displays also will be unveiled in the coming months.


Adam Graham Joins Joshua J

Los Angeles, CA--Joshua J Fine Jewelry has tapped veteran industry executive Adam Graham director of sales, western territory.  He will be responsible for all of the company’s U.S. accounts west of Illinois and in western Canada.

“We are very pleased to have Adam join our team,” said Joshua Javaheri, owner of Joshua J Fine Jewelry. “He brings a wealth of experience, relationships and knowledge that will not only be an asset for our company, but will be an excellent resource for our clients.”

Graham most recently served as director of sales and marketing for Omi Gems. He has held executive positions with Erica Courtney, the American Gem Trade Association, Saks Fifth Avenue, Rapaport and the American Gem Society, where he also currently serves as the president of the AGS Orange County Guild. In 2017, he was awarded the prestigious Sallie Morton Award for his many years of service to the AGS Guilds.

“I am very excited about this opportunity because the breadth of this collection offers something for everyone, including an unparalleled level of support in luxury jewelry, and a private label program in bridal and fashion that is truly a no-brainer,” said Graham. He can be reached via email at or through the office at (213) 624-0111.


Uneek Jewelry Releases Latest Lookbook

Los Angeles, CA--Uneek Jewelry has released its spring/summer 2018 lookbook, hot on the heels of its inaugural 2017 edition.

“Aside from our blog, our Lookbook page in is one of our most visited pages via organic traffic, and understandably so. We all look for inspiration, and very rarely do we get that with just a white-background product photo,” says Angelo dela Cruz, Uneek director of marketing.

The company also sees another value in this biannual creative effort: at last year's jewelry shows, the lookbooks helped buyers make effective purchasing and curating decisions, especially since the styles they feature are a combination of bestselling items and new items. That's why the brand focused on making the book ready in time for Centurion. The new lookbook can be viewed online here or Centurion attendees can visit Uneek in Salon 311. Email to make an appointment to see the Uneek team.

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