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New York, NY--Today’s brides and grooms are smarter and busier than ever, and, as the marrying age gets older (most marry at 28), many are in better financial shape than first-time brides and grooms used to be.  In fact, couples that shop with local independent jewelry stores—the number one source for engagement rings, according to data—are a little older than average at 29 years, more affluent, and spend on average $6,700 on the ring. (Centurion research among prestige jewelers shows the average ticket even slightly higher, at about $7,000.)

Bridal consumers rely on Internet research for virtually every purchase decision they make, from choosing a doctor to trying a new restaurant. So when it comes to getting engaged, it’s no surprise that they turn to the Internet to learn about diamonds and search for jewelers. How you represent your business online will have a huge impact on whether they ever walk through your doors.

Laura Cave

Try these tips to attract more brides and grooms online:

  1. Don’t play hard to get! Make sure your website is clutter free and easy to navigate. Show them your engagement ring selection and list your address and phone number in the header or footer so it’s visible on every page. Use Flash carefully; while it adds visual interest once the customer is on your site, Google and iPads can’t read it, so be sure you have enough text and keywords to earn a high ranking on search engines.
  2. Harness positive word of mouth. Encourage happy customers to review their purchase experience on sites like Yelp and A little incentive goes a long way! Try sending out a small gift card to clients who leave positive reviews to encourage a repeat visit.
  3. Keep up with clients on Facebook. Nearly all brides use Facebook, so encourage grooms to post a picture and engagement story on your store’s Facebook page after she says “yes”. Then ‘like’ the post and congratulate them. New clients will love to see your store was involved in so many happy engagements!


A just-engaged Facebook post from Morgan's Jewelers in South Bay, near Los Angeles, CA.

        4.  Showcase your news. Show off new designs, photos from store events, etc. on Facebook if you’re not able to update your website regularly. This gives your Facebook fans the inside scoop and will keep you top of mind when they see you periodically in their newsfeed.

         5. List your store online where brides will find it. Yelp, Google Places, and even your local newspaper’s website can drive valuable traffic to your website and store. But to reach brides, try listing your business with local bridal shows or in specialized directories published by national or regional bridal publications. These sites are geared more toward your target customer and to your unique needs. On, for example, when a bride falls in love with a ring in our designer ring tool, she can click to find the stores in her area who carry it. If your store isn’t listed, these referrals may be going to the competition!

Next week is all about engagement rings—we’ll reveal the styles, metals, and weights that sell most! For more bridal news and education follow us on Twitter @TheKnotB2B or visit our blog at For more information about the Jewelry Store Referral Program contact Nikki Spangler,

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