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Canadian Jeweler Builds Following With Podcast Of Real Customers’ Love Stories |  February 15, 2021 (0 comments)


Dartmouth, NS—Charm Diamond Centres, a family-owned jewelry chain with 59 stores across Canada, understands the power of storytelling. The jeweler recently introduced a podcast series titled “The Canadian Love Map.” According to the retailer’s website, the podcasts capture “inspiring and amazing love stories across Canada to brighten your day.”

“These are the untold stories of discovery, loss, curiosity and love. Stories that are both common and unique. About overcoming differences, distance and doubt. About connections of all kinds. 

Hosted by former CTV News Atlantic Anchor, Nancy Regan, and led by the voices of our customers with unique stories, this is a peek into the personal lives of Canadians from the East Coast to West Coast. Love isn’t a straight line. It’s complex. It’s a journey.”

15 podcasts range from the story of Fred and Florence, who dated as teenagers in the 1950s, then went their separate ways until reuniting in 2020. Or David and Irene, who both died of COVID 19, two weeks apart, and whose love story is narrated by their grandson. Or Lindsey and Alex, a Canadian couple whose original August 2020 wedding date was postponed because of the COVID pandemic. Instead of waiting, the couple got married on the U.S.-Canadian border, with their Canadian relatives on one side of the St. Croix River in New Brunswick and their American relatives on the other side in Calais, Maine—and their elderly grandparents safely distanced from everyone on a boat in literally straddling the border in the middle of the river.

Another story is that of Alicia and Scott McCarvell, who were high school sweethearts now together 14 years. At the time of their marriage four years ago, finances were tight and Scott uncomfortably told Alicia there was only enough money for either a diamond or a wedding. Alicia, of course, chose the wedding.

Their story was the focus of Charm Diamond Centres’ heavy pre-Valentine’s Day ad rotation on Hockey Day In Canada, an all-day television extravaganza celebrating the stories and game of hockey, which for most Canadians is as much of a religion as NFL football is to many Americans.

This year’s theme for Hockey Day was inclusion and diversity. Alicia is an Internet star in her own right with messages of self-love and kindness, as a plus-size woman not only learning to be happy in her own body but to promote that message to young women like herself. 

When the jeweler met with the couple in November about appearing on the Love Map podcast, they initially had no idea that Alicia had never gotten an engagement ring. Of course, that situation was quickly going to be rectified as they helped Scott find the perfect diamond ring and propose to Alicia all over again—on camera! Click here or on the video below to watch.

Click here to access the jeweler’s other Canadian Love Map podcasts, available on Apple or Spotify.

Charm Diamond Centres was founded by Richard Calder in 1972 with his first store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. His mission was, “Win the Customer for Life,” believing that providing excellent customer service and quality jewelry at the best price is the key. In time, Charm Diamond Centres grew to more than 59 stores across Canada and is Canada’s largest independently owned and operated jewelry company. (The company also owns 29 more stores under the Crescent Gold and Diamonds and Ben Moss Jewellers banners.)

Calder was one of the first retailers in the world to carry Canadian diamonds, and features the largest selection of them in the country, along with his own exclusive Canadian Diamond bridal collection, “Charmed by Richard Calder.”

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