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Carats Jewels Living Gifts Showcases Yves Kamioner’s Revel Your Light Collection August 24, 2022 (0 comments)

Yves Camioner  diamonds

McAllen, TX--Carats Jewels Living Gifts showcased Yves Kamioner's Revel Your Light Collection in a new Facebook post.

[Main image source: Carats Jewels Living Gifts/Facebook]

The store, located at 4300 N 10th Suite D, said that the piece is designed in 18k gold strength and comes in a "beautiful 24k gold color.

Carats Jewels and Living Gifts also said that each piece — which features nine diamonds in the center — is made by hand.

[Image via Yves Kamioner]

"Yves Kamioner's "Revel Your Light Collection is designed to be worn every day and for all occasions," the post added.

"The diamonds set into the cracks represent your inner strength, revealing another layer of what makes us all stronger," Yves Kamioner says on the product page, adding that they "add pure silver, and a specific amount of brass to bring the pure gold to the surface, and enhance its natural color."

The jewelry house notes that each diamond is carefully selected for color consistency and size before being mounted to "accentuate brilliant light that seems to emerge from within."

Read the Facebook post.

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