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College Freshman Provides Youthful Look at Jewelry Industry’s Top Manufacturers and Designers |  June 10, 2021 (0 comments)

Savannah Kaye

Phoenix, AZ--Have you ever wondered what a young person today would say if they could review the jewelry you offer with no other mission or agenda than to tell you what they like and why?

The Centurion had the opportunity to do just that recently with University of Alabama Freshman Savannah Kaye, shown above left. 

Kaye was referred to us by retailer Lisa Garber of Galicia Fine Jewelers, Scottsdale, AZ, to help out at the May 23-25, 2021 Centurion Show on one of our COVID-19 safety programs.

Her assignment: Take a walk through the Centurion Collection Floor and write a report on what you like and why. Below is Kay's report in the form of short descriptions of what she likedm(these are Kaye's own opinions and do not represent the opinions of this publication):

Bassalli Jewelry -- Simplistic with with fun pops of color. Cute Colorful rings.

Brevani -- Every piece is very modern and could have been worn by teenagers. Favorite jewelry store [booth] of all.

CrownRing Bridal House -- Fun take on traditional wedding rings. Rustic look. Very personal with the messages engraved.

Dilamani -- Pretty rainbow cuff earrings with matching set. Simple but adds some spunk.

Elite Designs -- Simple gold jewelry. Very in.

House of Baguettes -- Baguettes are Super In. Very pretty rings.

Midas Chain -- Simple gold jewelry. Very in.

Odelia Jewelry -- Chains are very in. Diamonds are a fun addition to it

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