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Corina Madilian and Greenwich St. Jewelers Highlight the Rarity and Craftsmanship of Antique Diamonds April 16, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--In a Facebook video published by Greenwich St. Jewelers, Corina Madilian, owner of Single Stone, highlighted the craftsmanship and rarity of antique diamonds.

[Screengrab via Greenwich St. Jewelers/Facebook]

Unlike modern diamonds, cut with precision machinery, antique diamonds were hand-cut primarily for candlelight. This old technique aimed to maximize the raw material rather than meeting specific grading standards, making each stone unique.

Madilian Says that antique diamonds typically have higher crown angles, smaller tables, and an open culet, which marks the bottom facet of the stone, giving them a brilliance that differs from modern diamonds. According to Madilian, the uniqueness of each stone is due to the past lack of uniform cutting standards.

Historically, diamonds were mainly worn by nobility and did not enter the mass market until the 1700s. Despite the increase in diamond cutting during the 1600s to 1800s, these diamonds now constitute only a small percentage of the world's diamond population, making them extremely rare.

See the video here on Facebook.

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